Refrigeration (Medium Temp. & Low Temp)

Ice Machines

EASI provides excellent and timely service of ice-machines for businesses, including restaurants and medical facilities.

Walk-in / Reach-in (Coolers & Freezers)

EASI services and installs refrigeration systems for walk-in cooler boxes, meat storage rooms and other specialty areas.

Wine Chillers

EASI provides service and installations of wine chiller units and wine rooms/cellars.

Walk-in Humidors

EASI provides service and installations for de-humidification / environmental controls and equipment to maintain a defined range of temperature and humidity in humidor rooms.

Cold Storage

EASI provides expert and timely service for cold storage lockers and freezer rooms.

Line Chillers

EASI provides restaurants with service and installations of specialty line chillers.

Process Refrigeration (Manufacturing)

EASI provides professional service and installations of process refrigeration equipment used typically in manufacturing processes.