Air-Filtration - Environmental Air Systems Inc



At Environmental Air Systems Inc, we are proud to service and install all types of air-purification systems, including units that provide anti-COVID / other airborne viruses, bacteria and harmful contaminant mitigation. Our commercial air purifiers are designed to create a safer and cleaner working and shopping environment for your business. To learn more about our systems, or to schedule an air purifier installation, please contact our team today! We proudly serve commercial clients across Houston, Bryan, College Station, Cypress, Spring, and Jersey Village, TX.

Electronic Air Cleaners

EASI services and installs all types of electronic air cleaners typically installed at or close to the air-handling equipment in the associated ductwork.

Air Filters (All MERVs)

EASI provides and installs all MERV rated air-filters, including HEPA types.

Fresh Air Systems

EASI services and installs all capacities and types of fresh air ventilation units with ductwork that can be added to existing ductwork if needed (restrictions apply based upon heat-load).

Exhaust Air Systems

EASI services and installs exhaust air systems for buildings and restaurants, as engineered.